FIH Mobile Limited ("the Group"), renamed from Foxconn International Holdings in May 2013, was established in May 2003 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in February 2005 (Ticker: 2038.HK).

As one of the members of the Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) (TWSE: 2317), the Group provides vertical integration solutions, end-to-end design, development, and manufacturing services for handsets, mobile and wireless communication devices, and consumer electronics products. Leveraging core technological competencies in the ICT industry and integrated capabilities in both hardware and software, the Group has expanded its capabilities into emerging fields such as automotive electronics, robotics, artificial intelligence, digital health, and next-generation communication technologies in recent years. This expansion has made tangible achievements, aligning cohesively with Hon Hai Technology Group's “3+3” (industry and technology) strategy.

The Group has established a global footprint, including design centers in Taiwan and China, manufacturing facilities in China, India, Vietnam, and Mexico, as well as an after-sales service center in the United States. This extensive global footprint enables the Group to flexibly meet the demands of the global market and assist customers in quickly adapting to the ever-changing market environment.

Additionally, the Group remains committed to ongoing investment in innovative technology research and development to create outstanding value for customers. As of December 2023, the Group has accumulated a total of 1,646 patent applications worldwide, including 543 in software and 1,103 in areas related to antenna design, mobile devices, and other hardware. With 1,419 patents granted, distribution primarily spans regions such as the United States, China, Taiwan, and Europe.


Vision, Mission & Values

• Vision: Creating comprehensive smart living experiences for the Group’s customers across the globe.

• Mission:

1. Long-term value creation: The Group believes in long-term value creation for its people and its customers to drive long-term sustainable business growth.
2. Business sustainability: The Group is devoted to establishing a solid and stable foundation for sustainable growth, though stability does not mean that the Group is at a standstill. The Group is ready to embrace change through strategic business planning and execution.
3. Constant pursuit of improvement: The Group and its employees will always strive to succeed and improve the business to ensure global competitiveness within the industry.
4. Innovation: The Group is committed to the research and development of emerging technologies, the acquisition and application of new knowledge, and protection of intellectual properties in pursuit of technological and science breakthroughs.
5. Global perspective: The Group is one of the global industry leaders, and offers its customers advanced, integrated technologies and a strong production scale across its strategic global network.

• Values:

1. Care: The Group cares and respects others and applies these values to its day-to-day operations.
2. Confidence: The Group always acts with a strong desire to succeed and is confident that it can achieve.
3. Determination: The Group has an unwavering commitment to deliver against all odds.
4. Integrity: The Group does what it says with honesty and integrity.