Circular Economy

Recycled Packing Materials

The Group is actively promoting the utilisation of eco-friendly products through research endeavours aimed at designing and developing sustainable eco-friendly products. Our dedication to waste recycling and the incorporation of renewable materials not only yields economic benefits but also optimally utilises resources, thereby mitigating environmental impact. Throughout the production of finished products, we generally package our products in accordance with customers’ requirements, utilising appropriate packaging materials and quantities such as paper and plastic. However, as the specific information regarding the type and quantity of packaging materials used is considered commercially sensitive for both the Group and its customers, these details will not be divulged. Nonetheless, we are actively engaged in reducing the environmental footprint of packaging materials by collaborating with our suppliers and customers. Efforts have been made to reduce the usage of single-use plastic within the Group's factories by replacing or minimizing packaging materials during production, including the use of wooden pallets, plastic pallets, and paper shells at manufacturing facilities. Additionally, plastics that are deemed non-recyclable due to quality control requirements or process limitations are collected and processed by certified recycling contractors.