ESG Organisation

FIH ESG Committee

The ESG Committee, also known as the Sustainability Committee, operates under the authority of the Company’s Chief Executive Officer. It is composed of Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, ESG Head, Human Resources Head, Internal Audit Head and Spokesperson. The ESG Committee is primarily responsible for establishing and implementing the Group’s ESG-related development plan, (which is integrated with its operational strategy), monitoring ESG-related performance, strategies, policies, targets, regulations and quarter progress of the Group, and reporting on ESG-related matters to the Board quarterly. In addition, the ESG committee is responsible for monitoring the communications with stakeholders, and coordinating resources integration among ESG Committee, internal business units and functional units.

The ESG Task Force Team, led by the ESG Head, operates under the ESG Committee and is responsible for implementing ESG standards and measures. The ESG Task Force Team is responsible for identifying material ESG issues, conducting gap analyses, and implementing proposals for improvement. Additionally, it collaborates with the Sustainability Development Office of Hon Hai Technology group, the parent company, to jointly promote sustainable development affairs. Besides, the ESG Task Force Team assists all factories in addressing the Group’s significant ESG issues and evaluation conducted by customers and third parties. Along with establishing communication and coordination channels for stakeholders, it is also principally responsible for formulating the Group’s ESG policy. Furthermore, the ESG Task Force Team has been collaborating with Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”) Team for evaluating ESG-related risk and providing solutions to strengthen the company’s resilience to those risks. It also works with Internal Audit Team to regularly audit ESG matters.

Three working teams are also in place for executing E (Environment), S (Social) and G (Governance) aspect’s affairs. The Environmental Working Team, Social Working Team and Governance Working Team are responsible for different aspects under ESG Committee. Each working team is led by the respective heads of the Energy and Industrial Safety Management Office, Human Resources Department, and Internal Audit Department. They are also responsible for establishing the short-term, mid-term and long-term targets and liaising with different factories and departments to execute ESG projects.