AI-Driven Software Solution

Product & Technology

Modem & Protocol

System Software

Application & Customization

Software Quality Assurance

Modem & Protocol

We offer compliance for global wireless networks

Different platforms development experience
CA/ENDC fast verification by own auto testing tool
GPS performance optimization
Familiar with requirements and OT cases of major carriers
Capability of full stack development from telephony applications, framework, radio interface to protocols
Skilled in L1/2/3 protocols development and RF driver design
Customization and approval for major carriers’ stocked phones (include IMS & RCS)
Rapid Modem Bring-Up
SIM lock customization
Familiar with 3GPP specifications, GCF/PTCRB test cases and regulation
Design test scripts on simulators for FT issues verification and pre-testing

System Software

We offer Platform Flexibility, System Stability & Performance

Various OS

Various Chipsets

Various Products

System Tuning

Stability Monitoring

Device Security

Application & Customization

We offer UX-driven design, fast realization with agile process

In-House AI Algorithms for Camera
Mobile Internet Services - App Store, Browser, E-commerce, Social Media
Agile delivery of SP applications : carrier requirements, stand-alone APP, mobile internet services
Rich Experiences on Customization with Google Services (Google Photo, Google Lens, Google Voice Assistant, AR Core)

Software Quality Assurance

We offer efficient, effective and assurance

Software Quality Management

System Integration Test

Build Up Test Case Management System with Linking to Requirement Management System

Develop Automated Test Tools

Field Test, including static items and dynamic items

Consumer Trial Activity Management. Collect and Analyze Feedback as Further Product Design Reference