Talent Training and Development

Employee Training and Development

Employees undergo annual evaluations to assess their performance and receive ongoing training to enhance their growth and development. The Group evaluates and explores the needs of its employees through systematic and professional means according to the Group’s operational needs and business goals. This enables the Group to formulate suitable talent development plans and educational courses for employees. As stipulated in the CoC, the Group provides ongoing training encompassing a wide range of topics. These include occupational safety, regulatory compliance, technical and management skills, and social and environmental responsibility, all aimed at augmenting the employees’ expertise and performance.

To promote talent development and facilitate lifelong learning, the Hon Hai Technology Group established Foxconn University, a learning institution that extends its benefits to the employees of FIH as well. The university plays a vital role in nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and facilitating the application of knowledge. It holds significant responsibilities in developing human capital, driving the transition to new industries, shaping corporate culture, and establishing operational objectives across the Group.

In order to promote employee learning, the Group associates training credits with annual performance evaluations, taking this information into account when evaluating employee promotions and distributing bonuses.