AIoT Solution


We help organization develop smart technology solutions. With years of experience in the use of data from multiple sources, our team of versatile experts in various fields can offer comprehensive support for building understandable big data solutions by leveraging best of breed cloud, hybrid and on-premise tools for data management, processing, and visualization to achieve optimal TCO (total cost of ownership), internal assets utilization and performance.


Cloud Solution Services

Design, implement and deploy for on-premise private cloud/host private cloud/hybrid cloud solutions

Global Cloud Operations

Optimize capacity,  adjust IT resources to lower costs, utilize advantage of various cloud platform, monitor system performance/availability globally , and fulfill operation changes promptly

Data Warehousing

Design and implement data warehouses for enterprise data management and integration with transforming data into actionable insight

Data Analytics, Insights, and Intelligence

Build understandable and innovative solutions powered by analytics, AI and big data to provide descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics

Business Intelligence

Combine required features and deliver business intelligence solutions, including data collection from difference sources, data parsing/cleaning/integration, online analytical processing (OLAP) for exploratory data analysis and predefined reports and interactive dashboards

Business Scope

IOT Vertical Integration

We provide vertical integration of hardware, software, mobile applications and cloud services to deliver smart solutions tailored to customers specific needs and powered with analytics.

Cloud Solution Services

We deliver comprehensive cloud application services and operations for our clients, including the choice of platform, application design/development, system deployment/operations, data analysis/dashboards, and networking/security, etc.

Cloud Operating Agent

We offer cloud system operational services with flexible service level options which are designed to best fit enterprise customer needs, provided by our technicians with immense experience in multiple different operating systems and application services.

Analytics as a Service

We offer end-to-end Analytics as a Service, backed up by on-premise cloud and leading cloud services, AWS and Azure as well. We take care of all your data analytics elements – from data storage to customized reports and dashboards. These services provide a company with the capabilities of a fully customized analytics platform for in-cloud data analysis.

Data Science Consulting Services

Data science services include data science consulting, development and support to enable companies to run experiments on their data in search of business insights to meet the most deliberate analytics needs of our clients.

Digital Transformation

Our team is ready to leverage our best practices gathered throughout the years of operating across various industries, including Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Telecom to facilitate company digital transformation.


Cloud Application Realization

We deliver cloud application services with easily accessibility, high reliability to help customers develop and sustain competitive advantage in market. FIH in-depth technology expertise and multifaceted domain experience can help your organization experience a seamless cloud adoption and integration leading to sustainable growth.

Cloud Deployment & Operations (AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba Cloud …)

We provide enterprise customers cloud operations services in cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP and Alibaba Cloud. We offer complete management of your cloud environment, optimally utilize the cloud technologies and benefit from the advantages the cloud can offer. It helps drive cost efficiencies through shared services and flexibility of commercial models.

Indoor Positioning System

We offer comprehensive solutions for Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS), which enable better IoT products. We provide ready-to-use B2B solutions for the digitalization of facilities and the automation of processes in a wide range of industries. We use Bluetooth beacons, ultra-wideband for indoor positioning and deliver a total solution to meet customer requirements.

Intelligent Environment Monitoring System

Leveraging our IoT vertical integration services, we integrate sensor design,  deployment,  data collection, cloud services and analytics services to deliver a real time smart environment monitoring services.

Professional Services of Domain Data Analytics

We provide data discovery/visualization (DDV), including data prepping, management and visualization to support advanced analytics (AA) and help customers understand and view all the information from various sources together with low latency and quick insight.

Clients and Industries


Manufacturing Industry

  • Cloud Applications & Operations
  • Big Data Analytics
  • R&D Acceleration with HPC
  • Visual Inspection on Production

Retail Business

  • Mobile E-commerce
  • Data Warehousing
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Business Intelligence Solutions

Healthcare Industry

  • Patients Service Support
  • Wearable Devices Design
  • Data-driven Environment Safety Surveillance
  • Visualization of Healthcare Services


  • Human Resource Management
  • Data Warehousing
  • Indoor Positioning System
  • Business Intelligence Solutions

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