Employee Right, Diversity and Equality

Equity and Anti-Discrimination

The Group upholds the principle of equal employment opportunities. Our employment policies and FIH Social Accountability Management Manual mandates that recruitment, promotions, performance evaluations, wages assessment, training opportunities, and retirement must be people-oriented, lawful, fair and without discrimination based on gender, age, nationality, race, gender identity and expression, religion, family status, political affiliation, disability, sexual orientation, covered veteran status and union membership. Additionally, the Group promotes workplace diversity, with an emphasis on safeguarding female employees’ rights and health, especially during maternity and pregnancy. All female employees are guaranteed comprehensive maternity benefits, which encompass paid maternity leave and designated lactation breaks. The termination of a female employee’s contract during pregnancy or maternity leave is explicitly prohibited.

Furthermore, female employees are entitled to a period of maternity leave in accordance with local legal requirements, and they have the assurance of returning to their previous position or a comparable one, while receiving the same level of compensation, upon completion of their maternity leave. Appropriate measures are implemented to ensure the safety of pregnant women and nursing mothers by avoiding work conditions with high hazards and minimising or eliminating health and safety risks associated with their job responsibilities. The Group also supports nursing mothers by providing reasonable accommodations. Additionally, the Group encourages the reporting of any unlawful activities, safeguards the anonymity of informants, and allows for anonymous reporting to protect the identities of suppliers and employees who come forward.