Mainly engaged in consumer electronics intelligent manufacturing , including 3C products such as smart phones/feature phones/tablet PC /wearable devices/ AIoT /full-screen intelligent entertainment system and device , etc.  

And we are the leading manufacturer of telecommunication products in the world  with high-end professionals in related industries /advanced R&D and manufacturing technologies/strong ability of ramp up and on-time delivery speed.


More than 15 years of industry and system integrator experience
100 million cumulative shipments
11.42% IoT and 45%automation coverage
More than 850 trained and certified professionals
Awarded “Best Strategic Partner ” by EMS customer in 2018
Q2 was rated as the "highest A-level standard" by EMS customers in 2020.
Manage over 150,000 infrastructure assets and over 10,000 ultimate users
A strong ecosystem of alliances across technology providers
Advanced manufacturing lean production capability: Lean production design and training capability
Advanced manufacturing lean production capability: Specialized fixture design and development capability
Advanced manufacturing lean production capability: Automatic production design scheme


Quality management system ISO-9001
Environmental management system ISO-14001
Occupational safety and health OHSAS-18001
QC080000 Management of hazardous substances
3C(CQC) certification
CNASLaboratory certification


ESI import and NPI trial-produced yield rapid climb

Professional precision handheld/wearable smart product services.Low cost/high efficiency best solution;ESI pre-NPI import service

Professional SMT OEM

Fast line expansion and capacity to fast ramp up. Capacity to efficiently produce and shipping services

Sound quality system guarantee

Through various ISO, CCC and third-party platform certification.High level of quality management

Multinational production base

Including Shenzhen Longhua, Beifu, Guiyang, and Indonesia have production bases, providing customers with global services

Comprehensive detection and failure analysis and vertical integration capabilities

Foxconn Longhua Park south China Testing center can be used to provide a full range of reliability testing services

Rapid ramp up of mass production and quantity production

Fast line expansion and capacity to fast ramp up. Capacity to efficiently produce and shipping services

Customer Experience

One-stop information website;Supply chain management platform ; Improve order transparency

Intelligent Decision

Decision based on data; Decision process automated; Decision result intelligent

Intelligent Manufacturing

Digital production management ; Digital KPI management ; Improve quality and efficiency/ reduce cost and stock

Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

Electronic bin - Intelligent material cabinet
Electron main library -AGV
SMT backflow line
IoT acquisition
Test line - unmanned factory
Intelligent central control platform

Comprehensive Detection and Failure Analysis Solutions

Feasibility assessment and DR2 planning verification

DFX simulates synchronization validation+

Simulation and Verification projects (7 items)

DR3 single product function verification, DR4 structure design verification, DR5 mass production trial verification

NPI Test lab Synchronous engineering Service

Reliability Verification items (39 items)

DR6 mass production, DR7 customer feedback Mass production ORT verification

ORT Validation items (12 items)

Professional SMT Foundry Capability

Component type

0201&01005 Chip, 0.35/0.4 Pitch BGA, POP process

PCB type

Hard board, Soft board, Soft and Hard combined board

Technological process

Solder paste process, Red glue process, Under Fill process, SIP(sandwich) process

Advanced Three-Ways Manufacturing Capability

Lean production design and training
Specialized fixture design and development capability
Automatic production design scheme

Business Scope

Consumer electronics manufacturing

Intelligent logistics

Intelligent manufacturing

Digital factory

Clients and Industries

Consumer electronics products for personal use, including 3C products such as smart phones, feature phones, tablets, wearable devices, full-scene intelligent entertainment systems and devices, and other consumer electronics customers.