Talent Attraction and Retention

Human Capital

The Group believes that employees are crucial to its success and considers employees as its most valuable assets. With the goal of meeting the standards set by the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the RBA, the International Labour Organisation and the Ethical Trading Initiative, as well as the local laws and regulations, the Group is fully committed to fostering an industry-leading positive work environment for its employees while safeguarding their rights and interests. As stipulated in the CoC, the Group upholds the human rights of its employees and treats them with dignity and respect, as understood by the international community.

Recruitment and Dismissal

The Group upholds the principles of legality, fairness, impartiality, equality, voluntary actions, honesty, and credibility in all aspects of its operations. Apart from the CoC, the Group also adheres to the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the RBA Code of Conduct, and national regulations, as well as improving our human resource policies, protecting the legal rights of our employees, and providing a healthy and safe work environments in accordance with local regulatory requirements. According to the CoC, for matters relating to recruitment, promotion, performance evaluations, salaries, and training opportunities, the Group does not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, nationality, birthplace, ethnicity, language, disabilities, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion, political affiliation, covered veteran status and union membership. The Group also strictly prohibits child labour from engaging in work. The Group adheres to the local labour laws on employee salaries, including minimum wages, working overtime and employee benefits to establish and maintain compensation and benefit policy, with ensuring that all employees are treated with respect and dignity. The Group also ensures that all employees receive equal salaries and promotion opportunities based on their performance and merit. To enhance the employee management, the Group would conduct probation examinations on new employees to determine their employment status, including continue hiring, extension of probationary period and dismissal.

The Group has established a whistleblowing system that allows employees to report any suspected cases of child labour or forced labour. In the event where such cases are discovered and verified after an investigation, the Group will take appropriate actions, which may involve but not limited to initiating disciplinary measures, commencing legal proceedings, and/ or reporting to the appropriate governmental/ regulatory authorities. Internal audit of forced labour and child labour is conducted every year by the Group and all factories. If any misuse of child labour is discovered, it will be reported to the local labour department immediately. With the assistance of the labour department, the child worker will be returned to their guardian, and appropriate support will be provided.