Value Chain Management

Value Chain Management

The Group is actively engaging in implementing effective supply chain management practices while fostering long-term cooperative relationships with suppliers to improve efficiency. By conducting comprehensive risk assessments and audits encompassing economic, environmental, and social factors, the Group actively promotes the our suppliers’ sustainable development. This approach not only enhances the resilience of our supply chain but mitigates operational risks, enabling us to achieve our sustainable management objectives. All the suppliers of the Group are required to comply with local laws, regulations, and Hon Hai Technology Group’s Supplier Social and Environmental Responsibility Code of Conduct (SER CoC).

Supply Chain Management

The Group has established ESG goals and targets for supply chain management aiming to enhance supplier performance at each stage of the supplier management process.

The Group has introduced a circular mechanism for its supplier management processes, comprising four main stages: regulatory compliance, risk assessment, audit verification and continuous improvement. The Group has implemented social and environmental management structures within our supplier management processes, analysing supplier social and environmental compliance data to assist suppliers in reducing vulnerabilities and enhancing social and environmental performance.

Customer Complaint Handling Procedures

Feedback received from customers regarding the quality of its products and services is highly valued by the Group. To address customer complaints about both products and services appropriately, the Group has established the customer complaint handling procedures. Once the business units receive complaints from customers, they will verify the complaint information followed by a check on the production process to investigate into the circumstances underlying and leading to the complaint. The business units will provide remedial measures to customers and conduct performance tracking if the complaint is found to be valid. Cases pertaining to consumer complaints are submitted for record-keeping and ongoing improvement once they are closed. During the Reporting Period, the Group received 61 cases–a comparatively low rate of product–related and/or service-related complaints.