Bharat FIH, a member of Foxconn Technology Group, started its India operations in 2015 with a sizeable investment and is now counted amongst India’s top 50 companies in terms of size and revenue. It has three large manufacturing facilities, two at Sriperumbudur (Tamil Nadu) and one at Sri City (Andhra Pradesh), where it produces more than 50 million electronic devices annually and employs 30000 people, 90% of who are women. Currently, Bharat FIH is the largest Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company in the country serving top brands locally and globally.


Largest Capacity In The Region
Highly Experienced Team
Positioned To Pass Savings From PLI
Vertically Integrated
3 Phones Per Second
3 MB Per Second, 3 SB Per Second
3 Campuses
12 Factories
50+ Mobile Assembly Lines
29 SMT Lines
50+ APTP & Back End Assy Lines

Business Scope

Manufacturing Mass Production
SCM Key Parts & Components
Manufacturing Small Value
After Market Service

Segments Served

Mobile Phones

2-Wheeler EV




IT Hardware


ISO 9001:2015
ISO - 27001
ISO - 14001
ISO - 45001
BIS Registration
ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014

Connected Manufacturing Solutions

Automated SMT Lines with configurable and Scalable SFC Systems
Robotic assembly, testing and material movement
In-line system driven Quality Inspection, Testing and in-house reliability lab
Big Data platform to collect data from systems to monitor, report and alerts
Integration platform with customer & vendor systems for smart collaboration
Digitized workflows, forms and business operations

Supply Chain Solutions

Smart warehouses with connected devices
SAP integrated Payment processing
Platform with integrated Purchase, Logistics and Shipment

Talent Management Solutions

Skill & knowledge management
Health, Safety and Welfare

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