Digital Health

Solution Application Scenario

The AIoT platform and solutions which  integrated  indoor positioning, smart sensing, wireless, low smart Bluetooth (BLE),  artificial (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud platforms (cloud ) Technology assist hospitals to provide more intelligent services, effectively solving medical violence, optimizing management efficiency, and ensuring  patient safety.


FusionRTLS Active Medical Violence Prevention System has been introduced to key medical institutions. Real-time positioning alerts reduced the rate of medical violence incidents.

FusionRTLS Medical Equipment Tracking Systems has been introduced to the nurse stations of several medical institutions to assist medical staff to swiftly ascertain the location of important medical equipment, thus increasing the efficiency of handoffs between staff.

Fall Detection Solutions has been adopted by several nursing facilities. The system works to detect if an elderly individual is in danger in their room or bathroom in order to prevent serious injuries.

FusionAir Indoor Purification Systems has been installed in hospitals and many public spaces. These help to lower the risk of infections associated with gatherings.


More than 15 years of experience in mobile communications and the software and hardware development of electronic products, system integration, manufacturing and sales
One stop solution which integrated BLE, AI, IOT and Cloud technology
Provide a complete solution from the end (smart connected device) to the cloud (cloud system platform), adopt an open platform architecture to allow more third-party devices to access, and promote the integration and mutual benefit of the ecosystem
From 2016 to 2019, it has accumulated 14 IoT technology related patents, and has many years of big data analysis and AI modeling practice

FusionNet System Architecture-Open AIot Application Platform

Comprehensive Solutions for Smart Hospitals

Industry and Service Field


Medical institution

Medical centers, regional hospitals, district hospitals, chronic disease hospitals


Care institution

Nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, Day care centers, long-term care institutions


Security industry

Elderly home care, dementia care

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