Smart Farming

User Scenario

AIoT platform and solutions provide diverse functionalities to drive intelligent livestock farming and smart aquaculture. These include real-time positioning, environment sensing, vital sign detection and monitoring and more comprehensive services realized by adopting novel technologies such as BLE, Wi-Fi, NB-IoT, 4G, 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and cloud service applications.  Moreover, we also provide comprehensive business analytics with corresponding image data to achieve smart management and farming quality.

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Solution Coverage & System Architecture

Data transmitted via NB-IoT network will be systematically analyzed and assigned to the relative assets, including ecological Information, temperature, positioning data, and comprehensive analyzed information corresponding to image data.

Industry and Service Field


Livestock farming

NB-IoT asset tracker is powered by solar panels and can be worn on livestock. Livestock’s location will be tracked in near real time and contact history can be inquired from positioning system. Then, unhealthy livestock can be marked and isolated to prevent cross infection. In addition, geofence can be set. Once the livestock left the defined range, system will rapidly inform owner for actions.



NB-IoT asset tracker can monitor ocean temperature and tide status, also report the farming situation.

If typhoon blew away bamboo rafts, the position can be tracked via the tracking system and good for insurance claim, and even ensure the safety of ships in waterway.

In addition, it can enable offshore-ranching rental business.


Wireless communications System integration

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