Water Management

Water Treatment and Utilisation

The Group fully adheres to local laws and regulations regarding wastewater discharge. All wastewater is characterised, monitored, controlled, and treated as required prior to discharge or disposal. The Group would conduct routine monitoring of the performance of its wastewater treatment and containment systems to ensure optimal performance and regulatory compliance. Additionally, effective wastewater treatment facilities are installed to reduce the concentration of pollutants produced by each factory to comply with regulatory requirements. Monitoring of wastewater discharges would also be conducted according to the local regulations or at least once per month if not specifically required by regulations, to ensure that discharges comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements. In 2023, the Group achieved a 100% implementation rate of industrial wastewater discharge monitoring systems. Industrial wastewater is treated using a vacuum distillation system, and the functioning of wastewater handling systems is inspected regularly. The Group has set a target to lower the water consumption (based on intensity value rather than absolute value) by 6% by 2025 against the 2020 base year, to increase water consumption efficiency. During the Reporting Period, the target of water consumption intensity was not achieved due to the decrease in revenue. However, water consumption (absolute value) is 31.10% lower than the base year. The efforts will continue to be focused on further reducing water consumption and striving to meet the established target in the coming years through the Group’s policies, systems, and measures. The Group actively supports wastewater reduction and reuse, and uses reclaimed water across its production lines to reduce the environmental impact during operation. The Group is dedicated to preserving water resources by continuously improving its production processes.